Lets Fly to Poland

No prepayment


Place of work: Opole


  • Download and unload.
  • To service the loading machine (autocar), to look neat.
  • Assembling, sorting and arranging items.
  • Collect the order according to the documents.
  • Control over the accounting of warehouse operations and the maintenance of the necessary information.
  • Control of external shocks from the appearance of the product during operation.
  • Responsibility for the quality of work performed.
  • Follow all safety precautions at work.


  • Experience in similar jobs and forklift management experience.
  • Having a certificate to drive a forklift.
  • Lack of contraindications to physical activity.
  • Motivation to work.
  • Be responsible and attentive.
  • Knowledge of English is an advantage.

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Visa Support


  • Car factory(Assembly of parts on the conveyor)-salary between 900-1100$
  • Furniture factory-Craftsmen, etc.($1200)
  • Construction masters(salary $1000)
  • Welders(salary $1300-1400)
  • Hypermarket-Warehouse workers(Car work)-800-1000$

Czech Repblic

The package includes vacancies ...
Auto factory (salary $ 1300) 3-month visa and a 2-year seat card.


Only 1 year work visa. (Without vacancies)


Important Information

Job invitations for job applicants these days
It will be ready by the end of July or the beginning of August.

The general process takes 2-3 months to bring to the attention of writers who are attached to comments everywhere
Our vacancies are active and the demand for workers due to the pandemic has increased by 30%.

Lets Fly to Poland

New vacancies-Poland


Place of work: Wroclaw
Working time - 8-10 hours.

  • Salary-17 zl has gross / night shift and overtime.
  • There is a place to stay in the hostel
  • 650 zl net pays the worker every month.
  • Schedule-MN-Fri, 3 shifts (6-14, 14-22, 22-6), opportunity to work with a large number of orders on Saturday


  • Simple manual operation
  • Product quality control
  • Compliance with safety and quality standards and regulations
  • There is a machine service workplace.


  • Accuracy, performance, honesty
  • Manual ability, observation
  • Ability to work in a team, Communication skills
  • Ready to work in several shifts
  • Pleasant work experience in a similar position

We offer

  • Legal employment
  • Stable employment, with a full guarantee.

Production worker

Production of plastic parts for household appliances
Jelcz Laskoice (under Wroclaw).
The work consists of 3 shifts
Table (6-14, 14-22, 22-6)
Salary 18 zl / Hour
Manat-1750 azn starting salary.
Biedronka card bonuses for employee recommendations

Workplace assignments:

  • Installation of elements
  • Execution of documents
  • Compliance with production norms and rules